At Dogfish we have a strong set of values – Together, Grow, Openness and Freedom. They sum up pretty well what we stand for. We started this journey because we want to help companies and employees reach their full potential. And at the same time get the opportunity to grow and develop ourselves. Today we enjoy every destination and celebrate our victories as often as we can. To meet demand, we are hiring a visual designer. 

If you recognize yourself – apply! We can’t wait to meet you. To succeed in this role, we believe that you have an education in visual communication. You may have experience and have worked as a graphic or digital designer for a few years, but you can also be new to the role and bring knowledge and a fresh perspective from school, and be eager to develop and learn more.

You like... 
The first thing you need to like to work with us is change. One day will not be like the other, maybe sometimes, but generally not. And it leads us to the second thing, you probably have a wide set of skills and you like that. You feel secure in some of your skills and are eager to learn new things. We also believe that you are good at managing your own time and your deliveries. We all appreciate the flexibility we have in our work, but with it comes responsibility and the ability to take own initiative, and that is just as important. Finally, we think you like working together in teams and having direct contact with customers.

You’re good at…

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects
  • Design of digital media and print
  • Design of interactive training
  • Production of videos and simpler animated films
  • User behavior
  • Opportunities and limitations of different channels

You’re familiar with…

  • Pedagogy, education and communication of change
  • Developing in technical environments and authortools
  • Html5 and CSS

We offer…

  • Sharp and pretty great colleagues
  • Exciting and varied customer projects
  • Flexible working hours
  • Maximum wellness allowance
  • Cosy office in central Gothenburg