Are you interested in learning and missed this year’s edition of Edtech? Do not despair! Here are the most important trends from the conference.

1. Learnability
Just as the agency Colearn puts it: “Speed ​​up your ability to continuously learn, relearn and unlearn, and re-design your weekly learning flow in your environment”, learnability is about finding, developing and consolidating their way of learning in everyday life. This ability is becoming increasingly important in a world where conditions, jobs and the environment are constantly changing. Statistics show that there is a large spread in how much time we spend on learning. Only 7% of us are so-called “Heavy learners” and spend about 5 hours a week on our learning. The remaining are “Medium learners” (47%) and “Light learners” (46%). How much do you spend on your learning each week?

2. Social learning
Learning by looking at someone else is an old principle. Today, 50% of companies use social learning and plan to continue with it. You see a great advantage in being able to easily spread best practice and tips and tricks throughout the organization. What are you an expert on? It doesn’t have to be about the company’s core business, but it can be as simple as sharing your expert knowledge of the copy machine on Level 4, tips on the fastest printing shop in town for business cards, or sharing your smartest Excel formulas.

3. 7 C’s for success
What skills will be crucial for future employees? Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Cross cultural understanding, Computing, Career & Learning & Self-reliance.

6. Everything is digital
The Colosseum in the morning and the Great Wall after lunch? With VR everything is possible. Today’s generation is growing up with technology as an extension of themselves. In the US, 91% of 2 to 11 year olds have access to a digital assistant. The possibilities with AI are endless and we have only seen the beginning of tomorrow’s jobs.

10. Order in chaos
How do you know where to look when there is so much to choose from? Alexander Bard paints a picture of the digital chaos and the inevitable revolution to come. To spend time at a University will be a rare thing to do and the diplomas will be issued from Youtube. He believes that this shift is already in motion. Curated content will be more and more important, to secure quality and value. Simply, order in the chaos.